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BMO Credit Card - BMO Credit Cards Overview

The Bank of Montreal offers a wide array of products, including no fee and student no fee cards, small business, travel, U.S. dollar, and other types. The bank also offers affinity cards to customers who wish to support arts and culture, animal welfare, or another cause.

BMO Credit Card

BMO offers prepaid, secured, and unsecured cards for purchases, travel, balance transfers, and other uses. BMO credit cards offer many benefits such as the option to double the rewards and different ways to redeem points. Points can be redeemed toward merchandise such as waffle makers, vacuum cleaners, blenders, and others. You can also use your points toward airfare. With some of the best credit cards Canada based consumers also benefit from travel protection, exclusive flight discounts, extra bonus miles, and other benefits. Rewards points are offered on all flights, including short and long haul. Customers benefit from discounts of up to 25 percent on flights.

With travel cards, the annual fee varies from zero to $150, and cards with higher annual fees earn more rewards points. To apply for a card, customers are asked to present information such as their monthly payments on credit cards, lines of credit and loans, mortgage amount or rent, income level and income source, and more. The bank also requires employment details such as start date, address, and employer name. You may have to present your social insurance number as well. BMO credit cards are offered to Canadian residents and require information such as home telephone, dependants, and housing status (i.e. living with relatives or parents, rental accommodation, own home, etc.). Business applicants submit information such as their monthly payments, liabilities, and assets, including investments, RSPs, bank accounts, real estate, and others. They are also asked about liabilities such as credit cards, business loans, mortgage amounts, and other liabilities. Other information to present includes personal monthly income, personal net worth, savings and checking accounts, and bank telephone number and name. Finally, the application asks about number of years in business, sales volume, nature of the business, and number of employees.

BMO MasterCard

The Bank of Montreal also offers different MasterCard options, including travel, no annual fee, and others. The BMO mosaik mastercard is a great choice for travelers and offers generous rewards. Other options with incentive programs include the BMO Air Miles World, World Elite MasterCard, and others. The mosaik mastercard is offered with a competitive interest rate which is subject to change. In addition to BMO mosaik, there are other MasterCard options that offer travel benefits and rewards points. The bank offers products with medical and travel protection and multiple rewards options. Points can be redeemed for different items and products, from furniture to headphones. The BMO master card is a great option for earning rewards points and goes with a complementary welcome bonus. The bank offers bonus points that cover taxes, airfare, and more.

The Bank of Montreal MasterCard comes in different versions, including the BMO Rewards MasterCard, BMO Air Miles MasterCard, BMO CashBack MasterCard, and others. bmo credit card

BMO Rewards

The Bank of Montreal offers a generous rewards program to suit customers' reward preferences, lifestyle, and income level. With BMO air miles cards, customers benefit from a competitive earn rate, and they are free to book any ship, hotel, or flight. The points can go toward everyday purchases, gift certificates, luxury products, and more. There are no markups. The program also features VIP lounge access and access to exclusive experiences and offers. Customers can choose from home and garden products, electronics, kitchen items, and gift cards. Rewards can be redeemed for special events such as the Grammy awards. Customers can choose from limited time offers and featured items, including grill sets, sleeping bags, stand bags, and others. Another option is to open a BMO investment account and contribute the points earned. The Bank of Montreal even offers the option to contribute to a charitable organization. Customers are free to make a charitable donation to the United Way of Canada, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Canadian Red Cross, the Canadian Cancer Society, or another charity. The minimum is 10,000 points which is equal to $50.

When shopping for the best travel credit card Canada based customers look at factors such as rewards, redemption requirements, limits, ease of use, and other factors.

BMO Secured Credit Card

The Bank of Montreal also offers secured credit card Canada and prepaid cards to newcomers and customers with fair credit. BMO secured credit card goes with no annual fee and competitive rate. The bank also offers a prepaid option, the BMO Prepaid Travel MasterCard which is ideal for budgeting and saving. While this is not a standard credit card, it goes with easy loading options, emergency replacement, and other features.

Other Options

BMO offers a selection of products, including business, U.S. dollar, student, and other types of cards. Students are offered rewards points toward travel, gift certificates, and movie tickets as well as generous student discounts of up to 10 percent. Students can choose from cashback and rewards options and benefit from no annual fee. They are offered discounts on beauty products, travel, dining, fashion, and more. Customers can choose from major brands at hundreds of retailers. Other products to look into are affinity, small business, and no annual fee cards.